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we are working on Following services

Website Design - ReDesign - Development


SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Digital Marketing & Social Media Promotions

Android Apps - iPhone Apps

Attract & Stay Connected with the Customers


Responsive & Responding

Dynamic & Interactive

Decent & Clean

Safe & Secured

Our Digital Marketing Includes following

Social Media Promotions

Facebook | Twitter | Google | WhatsApp etc. Marketing

Adwords and Adsense

Immediate Rensponse & Target to your Audience

Soft Marketing

Bulk SMS | Bulk Email | Advert posting

GROUP - REFERAL marketing

Target to your Friends & Family Officials

Our SEO Search Engine Optimization is

Organic & Genuine

We are not Link Crawlers

Long Life Settled

Perfectly Managed Regularly Updated

Transparent Policies

Customer can also see the Updates & Status

Location BASED

Best & Unique way to Target LOCALLY

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We are so Happy to Help you with Our Best & Expertise  Services..

[it_iconbox iconbox_style=”2″ use_icon=”” iconbox_title=”Websites”]We provide amazing Website Design/Redesign with amazing visually look & Feel to attract Customers and their attentions.

We have multi-skilled & Passionate Team to fulfill your Dreams of any kind of Complexity.

“YES WE CAN !” is our motto ![/it_iconbox]

[it_iconbox iconbox_style=”2″ use_icon=”” iconbox_title=”Google SEO”]SEO is the perfect way to get more customers , more sales and more traffics.

People can’t buy your products or services if they can’t find you. So SEO is Best way to Brand your Business.

SEO Direct Impacts the Sales with Boosting your Brand to Top.[/it_iconbox]

[it_iconbox iconbox_style=”2″ use_icon=”” iconbox_title=”Digital Marketing”]Digital Marketing is the Advanced technology to Target & Attract your Customers. Its so Easy, so Effective & Perfect way for Next Generation Marketing.

We Provides Social Media Marketing , One Stop Digital Branding Solutions using Online Promotions, Bulk SMS , Bulk Emails, Adwords & PPC.[/it_iconbox]

[it_iconbox iconbox_style=”2″ use_icon=”” iconbox_title=”Mobile Application”]Mobile Apps is the another way to Brand your Business & Attract more customers.

It’s a powerful Platform to fulfill  your every Imagination into a Real world.

We’ve the Team to Develop a Uniquely Customized Mobile App as per your Every Need.[/it_iconbox]

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[it_heading heading_style=”style1″ text=”About WebDaddy” el_class=”main-bg no-bg”][/it_heading]
[it_iconbox iconbox_style=”4″ iconbox_title=”Who we are ?” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-university” show_more=”1″ iconbox_more_text=”More Info..” iconbox_more=”http://webdaddy.in/about/” iconbox_button_bg_color=”#01a9db” iconbox_button_color=”#01a9db”]

WebDaddy provides All kinds of Online Services — specializing in Website Design and Redesign, Website Development, Mobile Application, Online Marketing  and Online Promotions, SEO , Bulk SMS & Bulk Emails.
We have experience of more than 8+ years and we are dedicated to Provide our best to Ensure & Satisfy the Clients with Our Personal & Professional Skills.


[it_iconbox iconbox_style=”4″ iconbox_title=”Why WebDaddy ?” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-bar-chart” show_more=”1″ iconbox_more_text=”More Info..” iconbox_more=”http://webdaddy.in/about/” iconbox_button_bg_color=”#01a9db” iconbox_button_color=”#01a9db”]

“YES We CAN !” is our Slogan.

We are available to  fulfill & Complete Every of our Jobs very Decently & Passionately from the Start to End .
Every Project is a new Diva & new Identity of our Vision & Passion.
We also aim to make your business more unique , more Profitable in today’s competitive market.


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We are offering the Complete Solutions , Support & Service for you from the Starting of your Vision to the Mission.
We have our expertise & Upgraded Technology with Upgraded Logic to Implement & fulfill your every Need & every Ideas to make them realistic and True.
We are ready to  serve you dynamically with exact requirements with Customizing Solutions As per your need & your Concern.


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[it_heading heading_style=”style7″ extrabold=”bold”]Our Projected Statistics[/it_heading]
Website Development 90%
Mobile APP 80%
Digital Marketings 70%
Google SEO 60%
Bulk SMS 75%
Bulk Email 85%
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[vc_testimonials block_style=”4″ testo_slides=”3″ testo_scroll=”1″ testo_auto=”1″ testo_infinite=”1″][it_testimonial slogan=”Wellknown Builder” image=”8704″ author=”- Client”]

“Too much Matured & Make my Business So easy to Manage  & Expand.”

[/it_testimonial][it_testimonial slogan=”MNC Company” image=”8704″ author=”- CEO”]

“Giving 7 Star Rating for Services & Quality & Pricing of course..”

[/it_testimonial][it_testimonial slogan=”Advert. Agency” image=”8702″ author=”- NRI Client”]

“Best & Urgent Resolution & Creation of my Work.”

[/it_testimonial][it_testimonial slogan=”Politician” image=”8702″ author=”- Local Client”]

“Very nice approach. Very Responsive in all Vertical.. Completed my 18 Works Very Satisfactorily.”